A deeply philosophical and existential question. 
I will try to keep it short.

For people with very little time:

I'm a creative one person team partial to good ideas. 
And tea.

For people with a bit more time on their hands:

I'm a Senior Creative. I spent my formative years 
at Wieden & Kennedy and Mother where I learned to tirelessly pursue innovative 
ideas and not settle for mediocrity. 

I believe great ideas can live in any form or shape, on any side of the line. A short film,
a physical installation, an immersive cultural event - what really matters is what you take in,
what you remember, what you tell your friends. 

I love craft (studied journalism, then art direction) but ultimately see myself as a conceptual creative, 
always looking for new ways in, trying to connect the dots between different world, 
telling stories that warm people's hearts and put smiles on their faces. 

I'm currently co-directing an online documentary about what people do when they don't work.

Time rich people, please click here to see my Linkedin profile